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Quote: Always be ready for that next speaking opportunity 



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Kamshuka Linkedin

So you're saying that I have to understand myself first before I can move on, self worth, or what do I have to do?

I'm so excited because sometimes you know, we don't understand our evolution and the step that I took, which was very scary.

I realized that everything we go through, everything that life gives us enhanced to us and everything we have to figure out is to prepare us for the moment when we can actually understand why you went through those things.

So that's when I start to realize, oh, I'm transitioning into warrior

We always hear that. It's only when you start to see yourself in that place of greatness can you actually activate the greatness within you

Do you need validation

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C_johnson_Dunk.jpgShow Notes

11:40 How did you handle disappointment Jump Podcast

Host Charles Matthews Jr.

Rise and Fall with Cavell Johnson


Youtube slam dunk







Every relationship isn't going to be for you or be the long lasting relationship that we might want. We just have to look, have a positive outlook on things


We do not fail until we quit, until we give up,

Host Quote 

I'm not failing i'm growing

Host Quote 

 A pretty gets endorsements. Ugly wins championships.


12:49 We forget there is still love

34:16 Try something different

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Jump podcast

host Charles Matthews Jr.

Never stay down with Athony Lue

website http://anthonylue.com/wp/    


Youtube    People In Motion, with Anthony Lue



Breakfast TV   https://www.bttoronto.ca/videos/anthony-lues-incredible-comeback-story/



Hurdles were my specialty in high school and that's just the way I'm viewing life. It's one more hurdle that I'm just going to jump over and run right through.


Don't give up on life no matter what happens to you because you know we all have our challenges and our difficulties or differences in life and people will say to you, I don't know how you did what you did and what I say to them is you never know what you can do until you're put in that position


But where there's a will, there's a way never ever give up on your goals or your dreams, your aspirations, because if you put it out there, somebody will reach out to you and make it happen.


Show notes

10:51 why you never stay down

25:30 wheel chair, we're just like anybody else

31:19 Anthony Legacy

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Jump Podcast show with Jay Veal

Host Charles Matthews



Time Stamp

12:03 Self Awareness

12:42 Don't die with out following your passion

13:21 Why are teens scared to Jump

19:18 Jay failed

25 :44 Reverse engineering mindset

28:10 Marketing

30:16 What was your first step.

33:18 Stop the business plan. Stop the madness

38:07 Bad marketing

41:20 Legacy



Young entrepreneurs  are scared to Jump  because of simple security scenarios


It's always about going for yours. Don't sit there. Don't wait. You gotta. Go for it.






Check out the full show notes https://www.jumppodcastblog.com/

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Jump Podcast host Charles Matthews Jr.
Long standing relationships is key, especially when times got bad. Listen how my guest Randi learned from her mistake to become one of the top in her field.
17:30 So what went wrong 
25:21 Never ever stop 
28:15 Take feedback 
30:22 Time to Grow in life 
33:41 Do you need a mentor  
38:22 Marketing is different 
40:35 Men and women and business 
41:55 How do you start (accountability)  
45:59 Be Committed for your goals
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Host Charles Matthews jr.

"Why be great and if you are going to be great how you get there. So that's me and I'm still happy to be here."

"It's understanding that you don't need everyone to like you, but respecting other people."

"Learning is any activity that increases your future spectrum of options."

"Every time you say I can't do something, stop yourself and say, you know what? I can do this, but I won't do this. Switching from cant to won't makes you in charge of your own destiny."

"Don't live everyday like it's your last. Live Every moment. Like that moment is the only thing that your legacy is based on."

"Best possible You. Times biggest positive impact."


4:52 Good Relationships

6:37 Bad Relationships

11:39 Keys to learning

13:14 Charles Quote

15:30 What is failures

22:23 How you get great

30:45 Failure grows you

35:21 Black is fantastic

42:16 Legacy


Alexander Michael Gittens custom collection by Thomas Henry: www.alexandermichaelgittens.com
Instagram: Alexander Michael Gittens

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Jump Podcast host Charles Matthews
Life Draft After you get hit with Brandon Williams

Show Notes
5:24 A true leader
14:14 Strong family
16:24 The Lose
19:23 The real NFL life
20:43 P2 The Real NFL
23:46 Why do you speak
31:06 submission is one thing, but being obedient as another thing.
33:23 Five year failing

Submission is one thing, but being obedient as another thing.

I'm here talking to you for selfish reasons because I have kids myself and one day you are going to be the sphere of influence for my kids and they're not going to listen to Daddy. They're going to listen to you. And so if I don't pour into you, if I don't mentor you, you're going to influence my kids in a negative way instead of in a positive way that you could influence them if somebody had mentored you, if somebody had helped you.

Social Media

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November 18, 2018

Vault VIP episode 01


  • Alexander Michael Gittens [0:36]
  • Brandon Williams [3:26]
  • Randy Goodman [9:05]
  • Jay Veil [13:57]
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